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UV Tanning Beds at LVB Bronzage et SPA in Laval

UV Tanning beds can only be used by people aged 18 years and over.

LVB Bronzage et SPA offers different types of UV tanning beds to suit all skin types :

UV tanning



• 4 beds 160 watt with 52 neons (level 4)

3 with facial (facial = anti-redness)

For those with darker skin seeking to maximize their complexion

1 without facial
• 1 bed 200 watt, 44 neons (level 5)

For those with darker skin seeking to maximize their complexion 

Equivalent to vertical bed
• 1 vertical bed 200 watt (level 4)

Provides a more uniform tan

• 1 vertical bed 15,000 watt/high pressure      (level 6)

Immediate results!

30 neons with 500 watts UVA and 10 neons with 200 watts UVB

• 1 bed 17000 watts /high pressure (level 6)

High pressure on the upper body with neons on the shoulders, and a mix of UVB and UVA on the lower section

Immediate results!

Unused minutes on your membership will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Find the Right Cream

At LVB Bronzage et SPA, we also offer a wide selection of hydrating, tanning, self-tanning and after-sun creams and lotions of all brands, including:

  • Australian Gold

  • Botanica

  • California Tan

  • Designer Skin

  • Gehwol


  • Kardashian

  • Swedish Beauty®

  • Instantly Ageless

For all our beauty treatments, we use the LVB Skin Care Line product lines.

You never tried UV tanning? Come see us, we will explain everything you need to know to get a beautiful complexion safely.

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