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Inovacure : Your Weight Loss Solution Laval

Want to lose weight fast? Then, consider the "14-day program" from Inovacure, offered at LVB Bronzage and SPA.

The products included in the pack are high protein and low calorie as well as great tasting. From day one, these products will create an energetic deficiency, forcing the body to draw energy from its stored fat. Combining soups, oatmeal, bars and beverages, you will lose weight without constantly feeling hungry or fatigued. During the first week of the cure, you will lose between 5 and 8 pounds and between 3 to 5 pounds the following week.

Inside the Inovacure "14-Day Program" Pack, You Will Find the Following 42 Sachets and 14 Protein Bars:

  • Chicken Noodle Soup Mix (7 pouches of 25g)
  • Beef Vegetables Soup Mix (7 pouches of 25g)
  • Chocolate Pudding Mix (6 pouches of 24g)
  • Honey Nut Soy Cereals (6 pouches of 25g)
  • Tropical Fruit Drink (6 pouches of 30ml)
  • Cocoa Hot Drink Mix (7 pouches of 24g)
  • Spaghettini with Bolognese Sauce Mix (3 pouches of 40g)
  • Peanut Butter Smooth Caramel Crisp Bars (7 bars of 43g)
  • Supreme Caramel Bar (7 bars of 41g)

The pack also includes multivitamins and a guide to support you over the duration of the program.

Quality Products

In agreement with Health Canada, Inovacure uses mainly milk protein, being the most complete. Some products also contain other animal-based proteins (such as egg whites) as well as plant-based proteins (like soybeans). Therefore, our products provide all daily-recommended nutrients while fully satisfying your hunger, which is a major attribute to ensure a successful weight loss.

To learn more about Inovacure, its philosophy and its products, we invite you to visit their website.

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