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Cocoon Wellness Pro in Laval: Improves Fitness and Accelerates Slimming with a Hyperthermic-fitness System 

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle and achieve sustainable weight management, wellness and fitness results in less time.

The Cocoon Wellness pro is the first major fitness innovation in 20 years!

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is an automated device that features several options, including:

  • Relax
  • Wellness
  • Power Nap
  • Fitness
  • Weight Management
  • Optional Spa Treatments

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The Benefits

  • R15 to 30 minute exercise routines
  • Increases endurance up to 32%
  • Reduces appetite and hunger cravings up to 300% 
  • Reduces work-out time up to 50%
  • Improves fitness work-out results by 200%
  • Increases exercise sweating and cleansing, up to 1 to 3 liters (580Kcal – 1740 Kcal)
  • Increases flexibility up to 205%
  • Enhanced calorie burn up to 24 hours after work-out
  • Greater weight loss up to 180%
  • Etc.


Sense of refreshment and stress relief

  • Ideal for meditation and improved concentration
  • Ideal for mindfulness and stress management 

Accessories: sleep mask, audio programs, lavender aroma


Heat enhances all fitness workout results

  • Increases and accelerates fitness results
  • Increases results in high intensity resistance tube workout in extreme heat in less time
  • Increases calorie burn

Accessories: spray, serum, sauna suit, cream, FitBed, Tubes and handles


Sense of refreshment and stress relief with heat 

  • Ideal for a boost of energy 
  • Ideal for the smoothing of tight or sore muscles
  • Ideal for muscle relaxation 

Accessories: sauna suit, serum, spray

Weight Management

Short time assist weight lost goal and long-term achievement 

  • Ideal for support in efforts to maintain a new healthy weight 
  • Ideal for increased temperature 
  • Ideal for the combination of fitness for long-term achievement 
  • Ideal for the combination of active high fitness for target goals 

Accessories: spray, serum, sauna suit, cream

Power Nap

Sense of refreshment and stress relief

  • Ideal for improved sleep
  • Ideal for stress relief and refreshment

Accessories: sleep mask, audio programs, lavender aroma

Optional Spa Treatments

Accessories and products to enhance your experience

  • Body wrap (wellness)
  • Facial (relax)
  • Body treatment (weight management)
  • Celiminate (fitness)

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