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Micropigmentation: A Practical Cosmetic Solution in Laval

Our Permanent Makeup Specialist

Having graduated in Cosmetology from the Centre de formation Compétences-2000 almost 20 years ago, Magalie is a beautician and micropigmentation (permanent makeup) technician who is passionate about beauty. Magalie is a top, outstanding micropigmentation specialist who is mindful about the satisfaction of her clients.

Microblading: the Latest Technology for Eyebrow Makeup

Microblading, also referred to as the 3D technique, is inspired by ancestral Asian makeup techniques. This method enhances sparse eyebrows by imitating the hair’s shape. It is an eyebrow restructuration technique that consists in manual drawing with a pen made of micro needles: realistic results guaranteed! Respecting your face’s morphology, the semi-permanent technique enhances features by matching the pigment with both skin’s carnation and hair’s color. Application itself takes around 1h30-2h. Unlike micropigmentation, which is a mechanical method, the pigment selected for microblading is injected less deeply in the epidermis. So, a touch-up every six months or every year might be necessary depending on each person’s skin type and care habits (hydration, exposition to UV rays, etc.). It is worth noting that microblading is not reserved for women and that men can also greatly benefit from it.

  • Eyebrow microblading: $325 
  • Touch-up after 4 weeks : 50$
  • Every three months touch-up: $75
  • Semiannual touch-up: $150
  • Annual touch-up: $300

The price for a touch-up done by another beautician varies and will be determined during your FREE consultation.

What is Micropigmentation?

Also known as permanent makeup, micropigmentation is a technique that involves implanting pigment in the basal layer of the skin (area where the epidermis meets the dermis). This advanced technique allows us to enhance the facial features and improve the aesthetic appearance of the body.

  • Eyebrows micropigmentation: $350-$500 
  • Lip contour : $350
  • Lip blush: starting from $450
  • Eye contour (upper): $300 
  • Eye contour (lower): $300 
  • Eye contours (upper and lower): $500  
  • Beauty mark: $60 
  • Capillary micropigmentation: price established at the time of consultation
  • Touch-up (after 6 weeks): $50 

The price for a touch-up done by another beautician varies and will be determined during your FREE consultation.


Who Should Use Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is suitable for all women who want to save time while maintaining a light and natural makeup look. It is also a practical solution for women who have a physical disability that limits their ability to apply makeup (shaky hands or low vision are two examples).

Capillary Micropigmentation

Capillary micropigmentation is an ideal and fast solution to conceal hair loss. This technique is actually a form of capillary tattoo that gives a regrowth impression in the hair follicles. It can also hide scars at the capillary level. The results of this method are immediate, giving a density and uniformity appearance to the scalp.

The Difference Between a Tattoo and the Two Techniques of Microblading and Micropigmentation

Contrary to a tattoo, micropigmentation and microblading use pigments and not ink. These laboratory-tested vegetal and mineral-based pigments are injected less deeply into the epidermis during permanent makeup than during a tattoo.

Keep in mind that the pigment will fade and may not be visible after a few years (3-5), depending on several factors (prolonged sun exposure or dehydrated skin, for example).

*Please note that these prices are before taxes.

Precautions, Clarifications and Sanitization

  • The pigments used are plant and mineral-based
  • New sterile needles are used for each client
  • Our facilities are at the cutting edge of technology
  • Higher sterilization

Free Consultation

During this important first meeting, we will open a file for you and take down all the relevant information about your health. We will then select the pigment to match the morphology and the complexion of your face or body. We use a pen to trace over the area to be made up. You will then be able to make a more informed decision before your permanent makeup is applied.

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