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Photon and Microcurrent Treatment

  • Service in addition to facial cares or exfoliations: $25


At LVB Bronzage et SPA, we offer several facial treatments targeting cell disengorgement, harmonization of cellular communication and stimulation of cellular longevity. We offer 6 types of facials:

Anti-Aging Facial (51 + 3 hyaluronic acid complex and combination of biomimetic peptides)

This facial helps fight against wrinkles and loss of elasticity, as the special formula stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. We use LVB Skin Care Line. At the heart of our treatment is the exclusive 51 + 3 HYALU COMPLEX with multi-active biorevitalising action.

Anti-Aging facial was conceived for the type of skin we call “hypolipidic” (skin that is missing lipid) or “alipic” (skin that lacks lipid). This treatment contains a combination of biomimetic amino-peptides and amino acids that can prevent wrinkles and the loss of elasticity, and can be used by individuals who are 20 years old or more.

Some of the benefits include an increased collagen production of about 23,5%, an increased elastin production of 18,5% and an increased collagen protection of 39%.

Detoxifying Facial

This facial activates the skin cleansing system and stimulates cell regeneration. This type of treatment is appropriate for all types of skin. It stimulates cell detoxification by approximately 23,4% and increases the production of free radicals by 20,6%, meaning you’ll see clear results in cellular activity.

Moisturizing Facial

This facial is the solution for protecting the harmonic moisture reserves in the various skin layers. This type of treatment is appropriate for normal as well as dry skin. You’ll see clear, visible results, including a 38% increase in protection from toxic agents, a 26% improvement of the functioning of the skin's barrier and 42% stimulation of the production of hydration genes.

Oxygen Facial Treatment 

The facial treatment with oxygen involves penetrating the skin with a serum appropriate to the client’s skin type.
The oxygen, which is pure at 98 %, will ensure an ultimate penetration of the active ingredients. In less than a few minutes, the skin is noticeably revitalized, hydrated and smoothed.

Designed to treat and enhance the appearance of all skin types, this facial care:

  • restores hydration
  • tones the epidermis
  • reduces wrinkles and fine lines

This treatment is an excellent choice for all special occasions, especially for future newlyweds.

Soothing Facial for Sensitive Skin

This is a soothing treatment for sensitive and blotchy skin. This type of treatment is appropriate for reactive and sensitive skin. Some of the benefits include a reduction of inflammation and redness of about 35%, an increase of protection against heavy metals of 38% and an increase of resistance threshold against external agents of 40%.

Purifying Facial

This treatment helps to cleanse oily skin. This type of treatment is appropriate for both oily and combination skin. Some of the benefits include a reduction in the production of excess sebum of 40%, an increase in the production from contaminants of 38% and a reduction in the microbial proliferation of 97%.

Perfection Facial

This three-phase antioxidant treatment is ideal for skin with special needs, but can also help any type of skin. The antioxidant treatment takes place in 3 separate phases, and visible results can be seen in just 30 days. Some of the benefits include a smoothness increase of 90%, a brightness increase of 90%, an elasticity increase of 16% and a reduction of wrinkles of 15%.

The foundation of our treatments is the exclusive 51 + 3 HYALU COMPLEX TM with a multi-active bio-revitalization effect.

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Chemical Peeling

Renew yourself with a chemical peeling! The chemical peeling is an acid-based solution that exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead cells. This treatment helps your skin to regenerate, removes the wrinkles, attenuates the hyperpigmentation, soothes the epidermis, and revives the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Your skin becomes more revitalized, toned, and flexible, making this treatment ideal for acne problems.


Peeling is a technique that eliminates the top layers of the epidermis in either a superficial or deeper way. It makes your skin radiant, eliminates brown spots, and diminishes scars and wrinkle while preventing the formation of lines. During the treatment, we apply a product that dissolves the layers of damaged skin. This treatment stimulates collagen production to replace the eliminated cells, for a visibly rejuvenated face and luminous complexion.


Microdermabrasion is an anti-aging technique practiced in a gentle, painless fashion that targets skin rejuvenation. During a microdermabrasion session, a machine with diamond tips is delicately pressed against the skin, creating a friction that cleanses the skin thoroughly and eliminates damaged epidermis.

Diamond tip microdermabrasion can treat all skin, from the most sensitives to those damaged by acne or scars. The treatment can be used on the whole body.

Microdermabrasion essentially removes a layer of dead cells and stimulates the production of new cells. This technique has the effect of encouraging the process of repair and helps to form new firmer and younger tissue. It is safe and non-irritating. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types!

At LVB Bronzage et SPA, we offer this treatment for the face and back. For the microdermabrasion facial, we use the our LVB Skin Care Line products.

Benefits of this treatment

  • Cell regeneration
  • Reduction of fine lines and sun pigmentation spots
  • Improved skin elasticity
  • Stimulation of collagen production

Microdermabrasion and red light treatment

This high frequency machine has a nozzle that generates different light wavelenghts. Every colour serves a purpose:

  • to accelerate skin regeneration
  • to reduce acne and red blotches
  • to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes
  • to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation

Photon and Microcurrent Treatment

The photon and microcurrent treatment is a nice addition to your facial or exfoliating care.

The functions of this treatment are beneficial for several reasons. It reduces inflammation or edema and accelerates cell regeneration while nourishing the skin. This treatment is even suitable for sensitive or lipid epidermis and significantly reduces skin variations, such as hyperpigmentation or discoloration of the skin. It is an ideal treatment following one of our facials or one of our treatments of microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

Gentle Back Exfoliation

At LVB Bronzage et SPA, we offer a gentle treatment for a smooth back: back exfoliation with LVB Skin Care products. This technique is not paired with a massage, but still allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a deep exfoliation.

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