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Beautiful Nails Every Time Thanks to Our Manicure - Pedicures and foot care Services in Laval

Hand Care 

A qualified and certified technician offers nail and hand care services. Several services are available: artificial nails, filling, fortification, resin powder and Shellac gelc.


  • Standard : $35
  • Fortification with Vernis : $45
  • Tips including fortification and Shellac®: $55

Foot Care

At LVB Bronzage et SPA, a foot care hygienist (an experienced nursing assistant) identifies any existing foot abnormality or condition, then provides appropriate treatment.


  • Standard pedicure: $ 35
  • Pedicure with polish: $ 45
  • Pedicure with Shellac®: $ 55
  • Paraffin: 10 $

All instruments used by our hygienist are brushed, cleaned and sterilized.

Nail Salon

There are several techniques for doing artificial nails. Artificial nails are varied and come in different types such as resin and gel (powder or UV), to meet the different needs of customers. These two techniques are safe, effective and do not damage the natural nails when performed by well-trained technicians. At LVB Bronzage et SPA, nail application is done professionally and according to your taste.


Filling is done to maintain your artificial nails. Depending on the speed of regrowth of your nails, it is recommended to have them done every 3 weeks on average. Filling is the ideal solution for perfectly manicured nails, at all times!


Do you bite your nails? Are they weak and fragile? Do you not have time to take care of them? Then fortification is for you! Our technician, thanks to her know-how and high-performance products, will be able to make your nails shine.

Shellac® Gel Polish

Shellac® is a revolution in the world of nails! It is a technology that combines the ease of application of a nail polish with the permanence of a UV gel. It is safe, applies easily and smoothly and can be removed very quickly. This polish has a lifespan of about 14 days!

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